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I froze the first time I went live!

After much deliberation I have made the decision to show a daily on my social media feed and build a presence.

Today was my first day. I did try to think up about a topic I can talk about but I couldn’t land any. So I thought I would rather go live and ask anybody what they wanted to talk about.

And that is how it ended up

Looking back, it is just like my 9-year-old coming to me and telling me “I am bored … talk to me” and I can imagine people rolling their eyes just like I would. 

So in short I should come up with an agenda to speak. And after I am done speaking I may take questions or chit chat with anybody who is online. 

I am planning to look into my WhatsApp conversations over the past week and find what people have reached out to me for. I will assume that others may also be having the same questions and I might as well post a small live video conversation on my Instagram. 

My mind went numb today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better Day.